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Welcome to Swoon Reads! A little confused about what to do next? We're here to help. Enjoy! See Full Description


We’ve put together a short how-to that (hopefully!) contains everything you will need to know to use Swoon Reads. Enjoy, and have fun swooning!



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66 comments on “How to Use Swoon Reads

  • I understand if this is a stupid question, but is there a way to edit a submitted work if we have overlooked something in our manuscript? Follow up question, can we remove an inferior manuscript or must we submit a new one?
    Thank you for your time.

  • Just curious and a little worried…did anyone with a popular story have a slow start? I made the mistake of telling friends and family that this was a months’-long process, so no one is rushing to read

  • [deleted] on said:

    It’s informative, although I had already figured out most of the things just going around the site.

  • on said:

    If we upload a manuscript will it be copyrighted? I’d hate to put my work up and someone steals it.

  • I am mightily embarrassed to admit that I can’t figure out how to turn the pages of the manuscripts. I did accidentally stumble on how to move very far forward in each book, but I don’t know how to swipe and go forward, page by page. Sigh.

  • I keep trying to upload my manuscript but when I do, I get a message saying that it was unable to retrieve the file for HTML format. I’ve tried both .doc and .docx in several different browsers with the same message. Is there a way to correct this so the document will go through?

    Thank you!!
    - Christy

    • I’m having trouble too. It says that it was an invalid file and needs to be .doc or .docx.
      I’ve submitted it both ways. The .docx says something about an Exception Thrown.
      It’s good to know someone else is having the same issues.
      Maybe that means that there’s something to be fixed

      • Yes, same exact problem!! It says “Exception Thrown” for me as well! I’m hoping it gets fixed soon before the deadline on August 31st for this batch…

      • Hi,

        We’re very sorry that people have been having problems uploading manuscripts to the site, but I’m happy to report that the problem has now been fixed, and we’re looking forward to reading your work!


        Swoon Reads Staff

      • Thank you, Swoon
        It finally went through (biting nails)

  • It was helpful…after I figured out how to switch pages! :)

  • Hey!

    Just wondering how to request that my manuscript be removed from the site.

  • Just joined! Now I’m off to stalk the site <3

  • I think this is a great way to analyze the truth of a manuscript by other reader’s.

  • I’ve contacted Swoon Reads twice with questions on deadlines (resolved) and manuscript content (not resolved) and have waited weeks but have not been emailed back. Is that normal?

    • Hi Katherine,

      I can’t seem to find any record of email from you. Did you use the form on our website?

      Swoon Staff

      • Yes, I did use the form both times. Given what you said, I’m thinking it’s a hitch from my end. I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks! You’ve got an awesome thing going here.

  • I just joined, yay! The manuscript helped me feel comfortable using the site that already seems very user-friendly. Can’t wait to start reading!

  • [deleted] on said:

    I think there is an issue with the rates – It’s saying 3 and a half hearts as ‘swoonworthy’ and everything above that is ‘wasn’t for me’

  • Hi well just found the site today :) and this was so clear instruction and very helpful I look forward to exploring the site later tonight as I am at work naughty me lol.
    Thanks for the welcome instructions I give u a 5 :)
    Have a great day all and nice to be here.
    Scottydotti <3

  • I’m new here so, if I seem out of place, out of step, out of sync please just chalk it up to my total lack of experience and my being over the age of youthful intelligence!!! Having said that, I finished reading “How To Use Swoon Reads” .. and find that I do still indeed hold a measure of reasonable retainable intelligence after all!!! Thank You for the navigational instructions and I am sure I will have to re-read the whole thing over again on occasion from time to time, every now and then. It was informative and easy to understand .. and if “I” can say that .. then “EVERYONE” should be able to!!! I do write, rather a lot, and I finished my first draft of my very first full novel during the NaNoWriMo 2013 30 Day Challenge just this past November. I haven’t started any editing or re-writes as of yet, but I sure would love to get some feed back about the story itself. It’s going to be a least a 2 booker, possibly 3!!! I also write heaps and heaps of Children’s Stories, in both prose and rhyme, and have a number of YA and Middle Readers and other Adult stories I am working on. I use no profanity, sex, graphic violence, magic, vampires, paranormal etc. I’m probably more in line with the likes of Twain, Seuss, Austen .. and .. MYSELF!!! Thanks for letting me have my say .. and I do say a lot!!! .. Marti P

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