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Brittany Jacob


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Born and raised in the Caribbean🌴☀🐚🌊, I'm an aspiring author who enjoys writing Teen Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Horrors, Thrillers as well as I enjoy reading them. Authors who inspired my passion for books are:📖❇J.K Rowling📖❇Stephen King📖❇Dean Koontz📖❇James Rollins📖❇James Patterson and many more...Writing is one of my greatest and most treasured ambitions and with the help of you wonderful people...I can realize my dreams! 😌

Favorite Books

Almost every book I put my hands on becomes a favorite. Whether it's by a best seller or a Wattpader! 😃 I am also a Potterhead so all I must say here is that...the Harry Potter series is probably the ONLY books I can read over and over again without losing the thrill every time.😃

Favorite Quotes

"Life is an adventure waiting to be go live it!"—RisenPhoenix94 "Ancora Imapro"—Michelangelo
And everything that the wise Dumbledore has to say lol

Favorite Genres

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