Anthony R. Wright

SW Florida



I’m a Florida native, and when I’m not busy writing or complaining about the humidity, I can be discussing the human condition with a good friend, playing a video game, or vacuuming dog hair.

I strive to see the good in people, but that same vision allows me to see the reality of the worst of what we’re capable. I love delving into philosophy and religion, but I’m equally comfortable reminiscing about eighties cartoons whose theme songs notoriously get stuck in my head.

I’m basically a warmhearted geek who’s the proud owner of two dogs—a malamute, who thinks she’s my owner, and a German Shepherd, who thinks he’s my shadow.

Favorite Quotes

You have to be willing to make mistakes, and you have to be willing to make mistakes in public. Sometimes the best way to learn something is by doing it wrong and looking at what you did. - Neil Gaiman

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