Christina Fong

Los Angeles, CA

Reader & Writer


I love writing fantasy with lots of adventure and romance. It’s such fun to invent new worlds! I also like to write stories set in our modern world with some kind of paranormal twist. However, sometimes it’s just nice to keep my stories about average people living in the same world as I, since this world gets crazy enough already without the ghosts and shapeshifters and fairies that do or do not exist. (This is a debatable topic that leads to much controversy.) I also find it a lot easier and more relatable to write about a girl studying frantically for finals than about a girl who battles paranormal beings for a living!

And of course, I add TONS of romantic fluff to everything. Can’t live without it.

Favorite Books

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
Anything by Jane Austen
Jane Eyre
Anne of Green Gables

Favorite Quotes

Taylor Swift songs...seriously, she's the best.

Fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Favorite Genres

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