Cori Becker

New York

Reader & Writer


I love to read and write and always have. I’ve been published in two anthologies but hope to have a book of my own published one day—fingers crossed! My favorite band of all time is Queen (because Freddie Mercury is a legend) and I am a diehard fan of Stranger Things.

Favorite Books

I say every book I read is my favorite, but my serious favorites include every book in the Percy Jackson series, On the Fence, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and In 27 Days.

Favorite Quotes

“Don’t buy coffee from a barista who can’t brew up a good conversation.” “Cruelty knows no bounds unless kindness is there to be its barrier.” “Friends don’t lie.” Pretty much anything anybody from The Office says “I’m not going to be famous...I’m going to be a legend.”

Favorite Genres

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