DeAnna Ingraham

Raleigh, NC

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Hello! My name is DeAnna Ingraham, and in my spare time I like to throw myself into the shoes of a bunch of different characters, whether that be writing or reading about them. My one true passion is romance. I tend to write about things that I only wish could happen in the real world. I started my writing career on where my stories accumulated over 10 million reads, but I never thought writing was something I’d want a career in until I started posting! This site intrigued me so I decided to post some of my projects on here as well. I love seeing feedback from everyone, and I love to respond. If you like what I write, please feel free to chat with me! It means the world that you’re giving my story a read ❤️

Favorite Books

The Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor & Park

Favorite Quotes

“The thing you’re most afraid to write about. Write that.”

Favorite Genres

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