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Writing just happens to be something I do on the side when a story idea strikes. It has always been a passion that became public in 2012 when I uploaded my first story on Wattpad. Exploring the world of romance has always been easier for me and created lovable characters. My Paranormal novel, Blood Moon Falls, is the first in that particular genre, specifically working the world of Werewolves. When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching action and horror movies, eating hot Cheetos, or listening to the Keira Knightley station on Pandora.

Favorite Books

1. Pride and Prejudice: because Elizabeth Bennet is Queen. 2.The McEllis boys: Who doesn't love romantic old-fashioned cowboys? 3. Knight in Shining Suit: Dreaming of the perfect guy and him being real, rocks. 4. Under the Tuscan Sun: Francis is living my dream. Italy is #1 for a bucket list.

Favorite Quotes

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” ― Toni Morrison

Favorite Genres

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