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I'm a wife, mama, avid reader, and country music fanatic. I like baking, sunshine, social media, Jelly Bellies, and yoga. I write kissing books. <3

Favorite Books

How about favorite authors? :-) Melina Marchetta, Gayle Forman, Jessi Kirby, Miranda Kenneally, Kristin Cashore, Trish Doller, Laini Taylor, JK Rowling, Stephanie Perkins, Jandy Nelson, Jenny Han, Rainbow Rowell, Sara Zarr, Emery Lord, Lisa Schroeder, Katie Cotugno, Robin Benway, and Morgan Matson.

Favorite Quotes

"She's a dreamer. A thinker. A doer. She sees possibility anywhere."

Favorite Genres

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Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Prepping for NaNoWriMo: 10 Things NaNo-Newbies Can Expect

1.) Initial EuphoriaDuring the first few days of NaNo, you’re going to feel fresh and eager and highly motivated. Take advantage! Get ahead by front-loading your word count (meaning: write more than the 1,667 daily average necessary for reaching 50,000 by November’s end). That way, later in the month, when that early excitement begins to dwindle, you have the wiggle … Read More


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Friday, August 16th, 2019

Swoon Author Katy Upperman: A Beginner's Guide to Instagram Story Templates

I love Instagram. It’s my favorite social media platform, and I use it almost daily, posting photos of the books I read, the books I write, the treats I bake, the places I visit, and my family. Most of my Instagram engagement is via my feed, though I post in my stories from time to time, too.Something I recently created … Read More


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Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Swoon Author Katy Upperman's Editing Update: The Third Book Challenge

Way back in September, when How the Light Gets In was in copyedits, I tweeted about how the many months I spent revising the book for publication had been a lot like being hooked up to The Machine. You know, that horrible contraption from The Princess Bride—the one that sucks away years of Westley’s life?This was obviously in jest; I … Read More


editing update, writing, How The Light Gets In, Katy Upperman
Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Swoon Author Katy Upperman: 6 Tips from an Experienced NaNo-er

Hello Swoon friends, and happy NaNo-vember!We’re halfway through the month and if you’re NaNo-ing, you’re probably starting to feel a little burnt out on the whole drafting thing. (I know I am!) But don’t despair—whether you’re ahead on your word count, right on track, or despairingly behind, your November WILL be a writing success.This is the fourth year I’ve attempted … Read More


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Monday, September 24th, 2018

Announcing HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN by Katy Upperman!

How the Light Gets In has been a labor of love more than any other book I’ve worked on. I started drafting the original version of the story when my daughter was three, on her first day of preschool. (She’s eleven now, and in middle school—how is that possible?!) The book has gone through countless revisions and two significant rewrites. … Read More


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