Hi, I'm Kayla! AKA Kay, or even kpgcatlover.

Nice to meet you!

Now, some of you may already know me, while others, well, you're just learning of me now. So let me do a quick summary of who I am and what I like :)

1. I'm a Christian.
2. I love writing.
3. To me, books are always better than movies.
4. Chocolate and snow are my favorite things (other than books).
5. People say I'm weird, but I say I'm unique.
Annnd 6. I'm a writer on the website Wattpad ready to take the next step in my writing journey and get published.

That last bit is what led me to this wonderful site where I'm hoping you new, epic Swoon Reads' readers will enjoy my work as much as my Wattpad readers do!

Have a lovely day!

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