Krista Barrett

Vancouver, Canada

Reader & Writer


Word Meddler. Book Reader. Coffee Lover. All Things Romance. YA Fiction. Cabin Dweller. Canadian Chick. And food...I love food. Working on two more books at the same time because I can’t help myself - you can find one of them at WattPad. The other one is a secret that I’m keeping until it’s done.
Married to my best friend with three kids, a dog, an eyelash crested gecko, a Houdini hamster (seriously, stay in your cage!), a betta fish, and a clan of uninvited spiders who have taken up residence in my basement.
* Would love to get feedback on my book “I See You” before I take on further editing! Let me know what you think :)

Favorite Books

Anything by Jane Austen but especially Persuasion, Brontes, Thomas Hardy, Tolkien, Katie West, Sarah Dessen, Kiara Cass and too many others to name!

Favorite Quotes

"They were cones!" - The Wedding Singer (movie) #sorrynotsorry

Favorite Genres

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