L. Sandifer

Los Angeles, CA

Reader & Writer


I have a degree in writing from Colorado State University. (Go Rams!)
I love used bookstores and rainy days. I love baking cakes in the shape of animals and giving them to friends. I love finding books that are so good I forget to fix my hair or check my phone. I love cheese and pancakes, but not together. I collect funny coffee cups and love to let tea get cold in them because I'm too lost in writing a new story. I think every house should have a ratty cushy chair next to a bookshelf. I love making others laugh, and people who radiate happiness. I so appreciate wit. I love sudden inspiration for characters and storylines in everyday life, and beauty in the ordinary. And I love love, reading it and feeling it.I dislike tomatoes. Also, people who stretch in public make me uncomfortable.

Favorite Books

Harry Potter and I have seen some gnarly stuff together, so he's my main guy. I typically go for fiction (novels or short stories), love good YA, hate love triangles, and prefer stories that fall between magic realism and full-on dragons. I'll read anything by Christopher Moore or Neil Gaiman.

Favorite Genres

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