Republic, Michigan

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My favorite genre to write is creative non-fiction-based on facts, with the twists, turns and creativity of fiction. Young adults, women, individuals with mental illness or physical disabilities, political and patriotic folks, music appreciators, thinkers and dreamers are my target audience-so basically, everyone. :) I like to think of myself as a beacon of journalism, meant to shed light by digging deeper to ask the tough, inquisitive questions to get to the "stuff" no one wants to talk about. Murder, criminal activity/ drug deals gone bad, divorce, death and suffering, alchoholism, celebrities, prescription medications and the pharmaceutical industry, eating disorders/bipolar disorder/systemic lupus and autobiographies are all topics I've tackled.

Favorite Quotes

"The art of writing
is to share
A part of your soul
with the world."

"Work hard, play harder, love MORE"
What doesn't kill ME makes ME stronger"
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"
"Too much of a good thing is never bad," Mae West

Favorite Genres

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