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nicole is a frustrated writer and a cat enthusiast. she loves nothing more than mystery stories and creamed coffee and music. she's wondering why she's writing herself in third person but oh well, we all got that weird habit. she's quite busy stressing out at the moment because of board exams and she recently discovered how much she loves writing her characters in third person.

Favorite Books

Verity, Confess, It Ends With Us by CoHo (almost every CoHo books tbh). basically every single book of Sara Shepard. I love way too many books it's impossible to type every single one out here. But hey, also the trilogy by Alison Noel (Unrivaled)

Favorite Quotes

and she love his eyes not because they're pretty or extraordinary, but because every single time his eyes lands on her, she feels fireworks errupting and a zoo is built inside her stomach. - nicole robles

Favorite Genres

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