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Hello from the galaxy and beyond ,Panaromax Prisoner here, just a basic ordinary nobody who's kinda special and unique.
🎲Magic✨Weird&Invisible💦CHOCOLATE🍫Halloween🍻Rebel✈️Inspire⏳Writing📚Bookworm🎨Creativity & Fashion🎤 (EMOJI WAR): 👣👁🥀🎋☄️🌈❄️🐾🎗📸⚙️🔮🎀📌💝🔱
Lost girl - dead,can't stop everything look perfect/6th,observant of others, horrible writing/everything else,hear the world sound, Lights are amazing, cake and ice cream battle,travels the world, studying/neat freak, language life, light/pale colors are awesome,born in Belgium-Brussels, still being raised in 4+ places currently has a sea view outside bedroom window night owl🗝
*Stay safe, Keep breathing, Love yourself, be + always, something is always possible. ily ;) Hope you have a great day.* ~

Favorite Books

Basically, 94.33336666% of books that I read are my favorites.And in my tiny smaller than 16 years of life that I've been somehow living without committing suicide - - P A U S E - -I've basically read more than 1000 books....and generally, I just have a sense.So, there's way too many to list~

Favorite Quotes

~🎀There's💕a🌺possible⌚️in🍰impossible 💯~
~Again, way too many amazing quotes out there, go search hunting~

Favorite Genres

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