Palm Beach, Florida

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K.C. Daring as my name is so am I. My pen is quick, but my fingers are faster. After a long days journey through the rough jungle of life. I've traveled to the furthest book stores and crossed the longest Starbucks, with my laptop in hand, fighting off strangers for the best seat to continue my greatest adventure yet. Wattpad. I intend to conquer it. And conquer it I shall.

Now shall I tell you a story?

Once upon a time there was a beginning. Soon after, there was a middle, filled with a rising conflict. Then finally, an end to all the conflict and a happily ever after.

This is how most stories end right? Wrong! The end is only the beginning and the beginning is only the end.

Favorite Books

Harry Potter
House of Night
Percy Jackson
The Loch

Favorite Genres

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