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Reina Galí

Minnesota, eh (Clearly not by birth)

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I live on the internet. I have a degree in Creative Writing and a degree in Biological Anthropology, which means I know exactly how to hide a body and make up an alibi. If I ever come off harsh, just know it comes from a place of love! Or a place of higher education where you write a story and throw it to the wolves and it gets picked clean.... yes, definitely that place. I can fold remarkably small cranes and lick my elbow but my Spanish is terrible.

Favorite Books

Peter Pan, Uprooted, How to Say Goodbye in Robot, Violet and Claire, Labyrinth Lost, Tithe, the Gemma Doyle trilogy

Favorite Quotes

"¿Qué es un fantasma? Un evento terrible condenado a repetirse una y otra vez, un instante de dolor, quizá algo muerto que parece por momentos vivo aún, un sentimiento suspendido en el tiempo, como una fotografía borrosa, como un insecto atrapado en ámbar..."--The Devil's Backbone

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