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I need some MEMBER CHECKS on my research about Swoon Reads. It's a really short text (300 words) and all you have to do is tell me if you think it is an accurate analysis of the platform. It only takes about FIVE MINUTES of your time! THANKS in advance! Here is a link:[0]=68.ARAuCpl3qDMYX_8M2aYOZGV-pXV63uplkc9b-ZzqAIbrh1N0Gtw8XO9XBMjOB8DvdyXGCetcS82AHJTYNSaP8m3qo8mf79zaf1kjAyj_9z37C60fBqP0YQIvDUD5UMvcdHTUOBuDy7uwBO2EnpBwT4TPM6LAHY2oK99NlFVfuViopF-xfhyQL7I4-hQwwpIFvscMauLuwVdun5RH1qkCghRtHeo9uY0hDxsNqzolsBvJxUGFCpvfDZsqyzB2ueQNKAZMiIddjbbiH85aNyOjWYnVP2v0a2frJF6X9E9VfXvj5AS9KRwnM1x8EnsXWyBVbEYJdDaJqHPx2Mpiohcbxea5&__tn__=-R

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