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I am Sevval, a 18 year old Turkish Muslim who loves writing, reading and learning. Some know me by various nicknames, some as Evaline Green and most don't know me at all.

I love putting science into stories. People say my writing is bitter, it hurts so you've been warned. I don't really write fluff, not frequently. I'm not really fond of happy endings either.

I am studying Mathematics in Bogazici University. I UTTERLY and DEARLY love Maths and science, also English and learning new stuff. I'm not sure of my talents.

I can't sing for a living but I can draw. I used to want to be an artist when I was a kid.

I love OUAT, Taylor Swift and Christina Perri.

Favorite Books

I don't want to give specific names for favourite books but I love the books that make an impact on my life and myself, that change my world or open a new window.

Favorite Quotes

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

Favorite Genres

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