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When I'm not writing I like to be spending time crawling through the piles of books on my shelves. I typically become quite obsessed, once I begin reading, my family have to communicate with me through grunts and mumbles. I've always had aspirations to be a writer, and because I'm some-what of a perfectionist, it's taken me many years to finally finish a story, and I still don't believe it's quite finished yet.My interests in life vary from watching TV shows to going on long walks -especially in beautiful autumn- and I can't deny that I do love a good night out, even though I drink a little too much and try and convince myself I'm some incredible dancer. Ha.I'm free-spirited, open minded and I don't like planning ahead. Spontaneity is the new schedule.

Favorite Books

I can't honestly say I have favorites. To me, each book tells a different story, opens a different world, with new places and avenues to explore. A book, however, that I adore re-reading is the Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini. Her interpretation of Greek Gods and history is inspired.

Favorite Quotes

"Maybe ever'body in the whole damn world is scared of each other." - Of Mice and Men. Not sure why but this quote has always stuck with me, I think it can sum up pretty much every possible story line in a unique nutshell.

Favorite Genres

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