Spokane, WA

Reader & Writer


I'm proud to announce, THE NAMES WE TAKE, my YA queer dystopian set in Spokane will be out May 19, 2020 with Ooligan Press!

My other WIP is THE DIVINE FOOD POD, a YA contemporary fantasy with a bi teen witch, food trucks, and misplaced magic.

When I'm not banging away on a keyboard, I'm an Independent Audio Producer for the Brain Junk Podcast with Amy Barton as my co-host. Every week we have a new episode about everything you never knew you wanted to know.

Favorite Books

Trail of Lightning
The Wicked Deep
The Stand
Pride & Prejudice
The Circle
Raven Cycle
Six of Crows

Favorite Quotes

You are the God in the universe of the things you create. Nothing is precious. Change what you want.

Also: The first draft of anything is shit. (thanks, Hemingway)

Favorite Genres

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