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Washington DC

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I'm an English writer living in Washington DC. I have written one YA book, The Theory of My Wonders - about a girl, a boy, another boy, a (spoiler alert) and a modern seven wonders of the world. It's swooning away on Amazon.

I have two short stories published by Pankhearst - Yard Sale (in Heathers) and EPWA (in Mermaids.) They're both a little tough, not so swoony. I have two more books in the works, a def swoon-com based on my earlier screenplay called HBKR and another not-so-swoony YA tale titled Dazzle Ships.

So obviously I'm pretty much a split personality as a writer.

I hope you enjoy The Paper Cut. It's based on finding a list of pros and cons that was written about me, and led to a terrible breakup. It's pretty much swoon, laughs, tears, some fast-food.

Favorite Books

Divergent, Hunger Games.
Hillary Mantel.
Connnie Willis.
A little Nick Hornby.
Sometimes I re-read my old stuff and wonder who on earth wrote it.
I hope Jennifer Lawrence writes a YA swoonfest, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

Favorite Quotes

We need to re-take the asylum.

Honestly, we do!

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