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Kaneya (Kuh-Nay-Yuh)•living off of sarcasm, coffee, and a need for constant validation •i like animals more than people•space, books, anime, and glitter make me happy

Favorite Books

•Fallen Series-Lauren Kate•Hush Hush series-Becca Fitzpatrick•Fault in Our Stars-John Green•Premonition Series-Amy Bartol•Evermore Series-Alyson Noël•Ethan Frome-Edith Wharton•Beloved-Toni Morrison•Wide Sargasso Sea-Jean Rhys•Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte

Favorite Quotes

"Be with me always- Take any form-Drive me mad!Only do not leave meIn this abyss Where I cannot find you"-Emily Bronte

Favorite Genres

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