Well, how do I start? Hm, I love writing, for one. I also love drawing, secondly. I also love reading, so... Okay, now to be serious. I'm an amateur writer in the US with a whole lot of things to say and a variety of ways to convey them. I'm currently 18 y.o. who aspires to be a writer or an artist of some sort. I'm new to this and hope for the best. Have a great day to all that stop by. The world needs more smiles and you should carry one. For now, I'll say, "hello." And later, the same. Happy days to all! ~ XXATR <3

Favorite Books

"Maximum Ride: The Final Warning" "Maximum Ride : The Angel Experiment""Maximum Ride : School's Out Forever""Nevermore : The Final Maximum Ride Adventure"

Favorite Quotes

"The world is your stage."

Favorite Genres

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