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11 Swoon Books, as Tagged by AO3 (Part II)

As a giant geek and fangirl, I’m a HUGE fan of fanfiction. I think it’s a wonderful place to learn the craft of writing, and more than that, it’s a ton of fun. Who doesn’t want to spend more time reading about the characters they love? So, needless to say, I spend a lot of time (maybe a little too much?...Nah!) on Archive of Our Own (better known as AO3).

One of the things I particularly love about AO3 is their tag system. If you're in the mood for a specific kind of story, AO3 makes it so easy to find several hundred variations of it, while also avoiding topics or tropes that you aren’t in the mood for or might find triggering. For example, I’ve recently been making my way through the “Ineffable Husbands (Good Omens)” tag while absolutely avoiding anything that includes the tag “non-con.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we had these kinds of easy-to-search descriptive tags on published books? It would make it so easy to find exactly the kind of book you were looking for. Alas, my magic wand is broken, so I can’t add tags to every book, but I do have a handy list of some of the most popular AO3 tags, with a Swoon Reads book or two to match.

(ICYMI: Here's Part I!)

Tag: Hurt/Comfort

Also known as “whump,” these fics feature characters going through some kind of extreme emotional distress or physical injury and being comforted and helped by someone else.

Swoon Reads Titles:

Other Tags: #deadsiblings, Road Trips, Abandonment, Running Away, My Brother’s Best Friend, A Journey of Self Discovery

Other Tags: Superpowers, Magical Healing, Touch of Death, Snark is Always Required, Temporary Character Death, Secret Society, Kidnapped for Science

Tag: Kissing

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. Sometimes you just want to read about your favorite characters kissing each other…

Swoon Reads Titles:

Other Tags: Vlogging, Shipping, The Fans Made Me Do It, Truth or Dare, I Will Go Down With This Ship, “Platonic” Kissing, Practice Kissing, Pretend Kissing, #There’sALotOfKissing, 12 Days of Holiday

Other Tags: Bad Boy Next Door, Friends With (Kissing) Benefits, Kiss the Baker, #cheating, And He Drives a Truck, Because Drinking, Secret Relationship

Tag: Pining

Otherwise known as “I love you so much, but I could never tell you, so I’m just going to sit over here and stare longingly at you.” This is often paired with “...We can still be friends, right?”

Swoon Reads Titles:

Other Tags: Pretend Friendship, You’re Jealous Aren’t You?, Cute Cuddles and Drunken Snuggles, Sleepovers, Fistfights, Back to the Barn, The Pirate Hat of Truth, Didn’t Know They Were Dating

Other Tags: M/M, Comfortably Bisexual, I Think I Might Be Gay, Coming Out, #cheerleader, texting, Miscommunication, Elvish Love Letters, A Lot of Lord of The Rings References

Tag: Royalty

There’s something just a little bit extra glamorous about the idea of royalty. The hot prince, the evil king, the powerful queen, the hidden princess… there’s no end of combinations once you get started playing with royals.

Swoon Reads Titles:

Other Tags: Mistaken Identity, Fake Princess, Alien Prince, A+ Bodyguard, Attempted Assassination, Arranged Marriage, Hides It Under Sarcasm, Good With Guns, Self-Defense Training, Would Die for You

Tag: Soulmates

Soulmates are created for and bound to each other by fate, usually, but not always romantically. It’s all about finding (or occasionally avoiding) your perfect match.

Swoon Reads Title:

Other Tags: Shapeshifting, Mates, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Pack Bonds, Home Renovation, What a Cozy Fort, And Then There Were Wraiths

Tag: Twins

Also listed as Double Trouble and #Twinning, why settle for one amazing character, when you could have twins? Everything’s better with twins.

Swoon Reads Title:

Other Tags: Historical, A Season in London, High Society, Artist!Twin, Inventor!Twin, Sibling Swap, Hijinks and Shenanigans, Shared Name Siblings

Any other favorite tags you’d like us to match some books to?

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