Rich’s Chalkboard Cover Direction for HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD

Our cover designers have created some amazing cover directions for HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD by Karole Cozzo, and we’re counting on you to choose which one actually goes on the book! We know it’s a big decision, so today we’ve asked Creative Directior Rich D. to share the story behind this interesting cover approach:

Chalkboard cover

I always wanted to design a cover using chalk to create a visually interesting type design and graphic elements. This seems to be a current design fad, but I think it works nicely for this specific title. If this option/direction is favored in the voting, I envision adding speech bubbles all around the chalkboard, to signify all of the things that Jordyn is trying to say but can’t. I think it will really go along with the theme of Jordyn learning to say I love you out loud. Since the girl on the cover has her back to us, it’s also another play on this theme that she can’t say her feelings out loud, almost like she’s embarrassed or writing on the chalkboard what she can’t say. I also want to add the autism logo (interlocked puzzles pieces with primary colors) into a heart shape, to represent that aspect of the story. In addition, the use of empty speech bubbles (very cluttered), again hints on the autism condition.  The comp or image above is just to show the direction and approach of the design.

If you love what Rich is doing here, let us know by leaving a comment and voting for this cover direction. And remember, this is a cover direction, not the final cover, so if you have suggestions for making it even more Swoonworthy, share it in the comments!


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