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3 Ways to Get Bookish at Home

Let’s be honest: we here at Swoon HQ are getting a little bit of cabin fever. Like most of the country, heck, a lot of the world at this point, we are working from home and trying to stay inside as much as possible to keep ourselves and others safe. While this has put a bit of a damper on our social lives, it has been GREAT for our reading lives. Nothing like a good book in a trying time! But sometimes we want to expand our bookish hobbies beyond just reading. Here are a few great ways to do that from the comfort & safety of your own home!

Get Crafty

I will admit it: I am a craft person. If I had space in my apartment to set up a fancy crafts-only table with piles of washi tape and embroidery thread and nice cardstock, I would do it. Alas, I have only my desk, which I have to use for “real work” now. But there are so many bookish arts and crafts that can be done, regardless of how much space you have!

One of my favorites is making bookmarks. No, not just tearing a piece of notebook paper out of the nearest spiral bound and calling it good, I mean getting really intense about it. I’m talking construction paper, glue, fabric if you’ve got it. Chances are there are a million different bits and bobs around your house that you could use to craft a truly amazing bookmark. And you’re gonna need it, what with all the reading you’ve been doing while trapped at home! Maybe a bookmark personalized to match the book you’re currently reading…

Here are a few cute ideas and tutorials to get you started! The possibilities are endless!

Expand Your Social Media

We’re on our phones all the time now anyway, might as well make it a productive use of your time! You could set up a bookstagram account and spend your time arranging meticulous photoshoots starring your favorite covers (I personally love following bookstagramers, even though I could never take a great picture myself!). You could also set up a blog for reviews or reading lists or even just reposting your beautiful bookstagram pictures! Who cares if no one reads it—you’re doing this for yourself, and for fun, and to keep occupied during a trying time. There’s really no better time than now to start learning the art of writing a really good, spoiler-free review that makes the reader absolutely need to get a copy of the book. Heck, you could even try connecting with authors to see if they’d like to write a guest post or be interviewed! They’re probably more open to it than you might think.


I know this one’s a doozy, but hear me out: You could take a stab at this writing thing yourself. I know, I know! Not every reader wants to be a writer, but every good writer has to start out as a reader, so you’re already one step ahead of the game! Whether it’s prose or poetry or even just keeping a diary, it can be helpful to have a place to dump your thoughts and emotions during this rocky time. Like the blogging, it doesn’t have to be intended for an audience, ever! It doesn’t have to be clean or edited or even make sense! It’s just a place for you, and your thoughts and feelings and personal growth. And who knows? When this is over, you might find that you actually want people to read what you’ve written, and if that time comes, Swoon Reads can help!

What kind of bookish activities have you been doing to keep yourself occupied? Share your ideas in the comments!

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