4 Suggestions for Bookish New Year's Resolutions

Despite my shock and denial, it is in fact the year 2019. What even is time? It’s a construct without tangible qualities that only exists in the collective consciousness of most, but not all, human beings throughout history. But since none of us can fully escape its tyranny, why not give in to the free-floating and amorphous pressure to declare New Year’s resolutions? New year, new you, etc., etc.

What I like to do when I’m faced with tired traditions is to make them book-related, and that’s exactly what I suggest you do with New Year’s resolutions—because even if time is overrated, how are you going to spend it other than reading? So here are four suggestions.

Broaden your horizons.

Check out Book Riot’s great Read Harder Challenge, which will push you out of your comfort zone and into new reading experiences.

Commit to reading for fun.

This may be an industry-specific problem, but in 2018 I definitely neglected non-work-related reading. Even though it was necessary at times, I realized that being more intentional about my “fun reading” would actually help me make time to fulfill my obligations and read other things too. I’m going to start scheduling time in my calendar because that’s the only way I remember to do things. But if you have a planner, a phone alarm, or any other prompt that says “This time is reserved for reading,” do you. It’s 2019!

Gift more books!

This may be residual holiday stress talking, but it’s so hard to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list... UNLESS THAT GIFT IS A BOOK! Books are such versatile gifts because you can find a book on nearly any subject. Why make life harder than it needs to be? Leave your old zombie-wandering-the-aisles-at-Target self behind. No one wants that Live, Laugh, Love canvas print anyway. In 2019, everyone gets a book!

Change up your reading routine.

Do you always read in bed? Or only on the subway? Try switching up where and when you read in 2019. Why? I don’t know, why do people resolve to go to the gym every day? This is way less silly than that.

What are your reading resolutions for the coming year? Let us know in the comments.

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