5 Weird Reasons that Book-Lovers Love Autumn

As a person, my favorite season is summer. I’m a Leo (#lionpride), so I live for hot days, Italian ice, and dips in the lake.

As a reader, though, I live for fall. Why, you ask?

1. Fall is the perfect time to sit in a coffee shop. And we all know coffee shops are the perfect place to read. Give me a soy cappuccino and a good book and I’ll be golden for a few hours. In New York, autumn is cold enough that you want to get inside and get warm, but not so cold that you can’t stand to leave your apartment or put on “real” pants like in the winter.

2. It’s not too early to make your holiday list. You’ve been eyeing the books you want to read all year. Now it’s time to slap those titles on a list and share it with your family friends so they know exactly what to get you for the holidays instead of the gifts they were considering. Take that, ugly pair of socks you were never going to wear. Better luck next year.

3. Fall = traveling = time to read. For a lot of people, fall means traveling—whether you’re going on a vacation, heading home for a fall break, or visiting family for the holidays. I love being totally captive on a plane or a train with nothing but a bag of salt and vinegar chips (don’t judge me) and a good book to occupy my time.

4. We get to start thinking about next year’s books. When we reach fall, the year starts to wind down. The leaves fall off the trees. Bears go into their deep slumber. I cease to wear “real” pants (you may be sensing a theme here). And as one year rolls into the next, we get to start thinking about ALL OF THE AMAZING BOOKS THAT ARE COMING OUT NEXT YEAR.

5. Halloween is a great excuse to let your book nerd flag fly. Maybe your neighbors think you’re just a Regular Person Who Likes To Read. Come October 31st, you’re going to be shattering that perception pretty quickly when you bust out of your house dressed like the secondary character in a fantasy series that only you and your really close friends have read.

What bookish things do you love about fall (and do you also hate wearing “real” pants)? Tell us in the comments below!

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