6 Signs You Should Be a Swoon Reader

We need your help, Swooners! It's once again time for us to choose our next list, and we want to hear what YOU have to say about all of these amazing submissions for Season 6. Not sure you have what it takes to be an awesome Swoon Reads reader/rater/commenter? We sure think you do. Here's how you know:

1. You always read the book before all your friends. No big deal. You’re just naturally good at spotting amazing things before everyone else loves them. Did you read The Fault in Our Stars before it won a ton of awards and became a movie? We thought so. So read a Swoon Reads manuscript and say you read it before it was published.

2. You give the BEST advice. Has anyone ever told you that you just get it? You always have something smart to say. So why not put your editor hat on? Read an unpublished manuscript now, and help a writer make improvements to their story that will help them to become the next Rainbow Rowell.

3. You need to exercise your creativity. Bored at work? So was J.K. Rowling. And we’re all thankful for Harry Potter. So if you are looking for a distraction why not choose to read and critique a Swoon Reads manuscript? You NEED a creative break.

4. You love attention. Did you know that we put real reader reviews on the back of Swoon Reads published novels? That’s right—your name could be on the back of a book. You might want to start practicing your signature. I mean you’re practically already famous!

5. You are a reader. Libraries just can’t keep up with you. You read more books in a year than a New York Times book reviewer. So why not stop on over at Swoon Reads and choose from over 300 new manuscripts?

6. You want to make dreams come true. It can be difficult to get a reader’s attention, but your kind words could be what does it. And then you are making someone’s dream come true. They are getting published. All their hard work paid off. And all because you took the time to read their work.

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