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8 YA Books to Chill with After Binge-Watching "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina only arrived on Netflix last week, but if you’re anything like us (AKA self-proclaimed horror lovers!), you’ve already binge-watched all eight episodes. Helmed by Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the new take on Sabrina Spellman and Co. is truly a spooky watch (we know, “spooky” has been grossly overused this season, but we really do mean it!!!). The series also delivers kick-ass representation, providing viewers with a multidimensional, in-charge female lead. The kind of character that’s still, sadly, a novel offering for the paranormal genre.

Want some more witchery in your life? We’ve compiled eight books that perfectly capture the spirit of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. These reads should hold you over until Season Two premieres! ...Maybe.

If you loved the occult elements of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, then you’ll DIE for...

TSK final cover

The Soul Keepers has all the makings of a great Netflix thriller, in book form: terrifying monsters, a ghost ship, and heart-racing fight scenes.

If you want to explore non-western fantasy, then you should read...

children of blood and bone cover

Because magic is not just for white people.

Want to see magic weaved into a deeply touching, personal tale of immigration to America? Then read…

american street cover

American Street explores how spirituality can be connected to identity and culture. We’re sure pro-magic Sabrina would approve the read—which shows that magic is not always used for bad.

Want more ghosts in your life? Check out…

the graveyard book gn cover

Sabrina is adapted from the eponymously titled 2014 Archie Comics series. So a graphic novel from horror legend Neil Gaiman feels like the perfect fit for fans of the comic-inspired world.

Would you like to read Sabrina in a magical-realism setting? Then we have the perfect book for you…

summer of salt cover

The coming-of-age tale of Georgina, an eighteen-year-old who is anxiously awaiting to gain powers like the rest of the women in her family, feels like Judy-Blume-meets-Sabrina.

A sexy boy witch, lots of kissing, and a dark, heartbreaking plot... if you like any of these things, we recommend...

witch eyes cover

Who says only girls can be witches? If we could combine fictional worlds, we’d totally ship Ambrose of Sabrina and Braden of Witch Eyes together.

If you'd be interested in an enchanting glimpse at how magic is weaved into Latinx culture...

bruja born cover

Zoraida Córdova tells a story of Lula, a young Latinx girl, using her Encantrix powers to heal and protect those around her. We can totally see Lula teaming up with Sabrina to fight against high-school bullying and championing social justice issues.

If the state of the world has got you feeling a little bit... vengeful… maybe try...

wicked deep cover

Think Hocus Pocus, but way darker (and sans a rousing rendition of “I Put A Spell On You”).

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