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A+E Studios Partners with Swoon Reads to Develop YA for TV/Film!

Dear Readers,

When Swoon Reads was created, it was with the spirit of letting readers help us decide which books we should publish. We are proud to say that we are now publishing over 80 titles, all because of you. And today we’re even more excited, because the books you love are now on an inside track to be developed for entertainment and the influence of our readers can ultimately extend to shows seen on screens around the world.

We’ve partnered with A+E Studios to develop Swoon Reads titles for TV and film. A+E Studios has made a commitment to select multiple Swoon Reads books for further development over the next two years. A+E Studios produces entertainment for a variety of cable and broadcast networks, as well as streaming services including Hulu and Netflix.

Not only will your feedback help us choose which books to publish, but we’ll be sharing that feedback with TV and film executives so you may be able to see your favorite characters on screen soon. We’re incredibly excited about this new venture as we continue to create content with the reader (and viewer) in mind. The team at A+E Studios shares our passion as readers and writers, and immediately saw how the Swoon Reads community generates timely, pertinent and fresh stories ripe for further development.

Thank you for helping us share great stories.

Happy Reading,

Jean Feiwel

See the full press release here.

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