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A Guide to Literary Gifts for Every Bookworm

Birthdays, anniversaries, “just because,” it’s those moments we all worry about because we want to buy the perfect gift for someone we care out. But if you have a bibliophile in your life, take a sigh of relief and scroll through these awesome gift ideas that will delight every bookworm you know:

BTP_PartyAnimals_CamillaEkman-440x273• Bookends: This is honestly one of my favorite gifts to give, which is why it is at the top of my list. Every bookworm in your life will have tons of books overflowing on bookshelves, desks, and by the edges of their beds. And while this is cool in its own way, why not help your favorite literary friend organize their collection with some bookends that really stand out and express who they are?

• Bookmarks: And I’m not talking about the ones you find in the checkout line at B&N. Pinterest is full of great, easy DIY bookmarks that you can make for the literature lover in your life (and you get extra awesome points for making it yourself). In this case, it is not how professional the bookmark looks, but the extra thought you put into designing it yourself, so your friend will always think of you when using it to hold their place in a book.

2102blk-w484h484z1-52382-my-weekend-is-all-booked• Clothing: All of us bookworms love to show off our favorite literature when we’re hanging out on the weekends. Whether it is our favorite quote or a picture of the book itself, literary inspired shirts make great conversation pieces, and allow us a few minutes to boast about our favorite book. Whether you want to show off your favorite book cover, or some witty, inside book jokes, clothing is never a bad suggestion. This also includes book themed accessories, such as scarves, earrings, cufflinks, and necklaces.

• Rare/first editions: I know what you’re thinking. First editions of some of our favorite books can get pretty pricey, but there’s no reason to break your piggy bank for someone you care about! Maybe you can’t afford a first edition of Jane Austen, but there are plenty of authors out there whose works are no longer published, sadly, for many reasons. This is where your local bookstore can come in handy. By finding a local bookstore that sells used books, such as my personal favorite, The Strand, you never know what you might stumble upon that someone traded in. You might be able to find that no-longer-published book from your friend’s favorite author AND at a reasonable price (and a little something for yourself as you are scouring the shelves).

• Electronics: for the eBook fan in your life, you can never go wrong with a snazzy cover for their Kindle, iPad, or Nook (just make sure you know what edition they have, so the cover fits!). And for those of you who love reading on your smartphone, there are plenty of literary inspired covers with pictures and quotes to always show off your bookish charm.

cute-tote-bags-for-girlscute-tote-bags-cute-tote-bags-for-school-kupmce6t• Tote bags: practical and stylish, tote bags are the best for bringing home copious new books either from the library or bookstore. Not only is it eco-friendly, but getting your bookworm a tote bag that boasts of literary enthusiasm will make their trip out for more reading materials that much more fun.

• Personal library kit: every bibliophile has their own personal library that they are proud of and want to share with their literary community. But who doesn’t want to ensure they get their books back in an orderly time? That’s where the personal library kit comes in handy, so each of your books can be marked appropriately and gives the lender safe assurance their books will come back to them!

Now with these helpful suggestions you are more than ready to go out and find the perfect gift! Swooners, share with us what your favorite literary themed gifts are, whether you have either given or received them!

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