Airport Reads and How Not to Judge a Book by its Movie

I spend a lot of time in airports. Attending up to six teacher and librarian conferences a year for my job coupled with the fact that I have a natural love of travel and a tendency of over estimating how long it will take to get through security means not only a lot of air miles but also a lot of down time in various airports and as a result in airport bookstores. For me this means frequent impulse purchasing (especially when there are delayed flights involved) of mass market paperbacks and movie tie-in editions of popular titles.

My most recent airport purchase comes from a Hudson News bookshop at Newark Airport. I was waiting to pick up my sister and my adorable niece Maddie (who is the most swoonworthy baby ever if I do say so myself. Check out her Swoon inspired headband!). Of course their flight was delayed because this this has been the WORST winter ever and I found myself browsing the shelves in Hudson News and picking up a copy of book one in the Vampire Academy series (movie tie-in edition, of course).

I was familiar with the series before the movie came out but for one reason or another hadn’t picked it up yet. The series popped back on my radar, like so many other things, due to a Buzzfeed article about 16 books to read before they turn into movies in 2014.

Vampire Academy was third on the list and since I have a deep respect for all things Buzzfeed became number one of my to-read list. Unfortunately before book one made it off the hold list at the library and into my hands the movie was out of theatres and had gathered some pretty impressive Rotten Tomatoes reviews which called the adaptation “foolish”, “crass”, “painful”, and a ‘garbage heap”.  Needless to say I never picked up my reserved copy from the Webster Branch of NYPL but as all avid readers know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its movie. My own heart still breaks over how bad the City of Bones and Beautiful Creatures movies were and I would recommend those books to anyone who asks. Seriously, go read them. So I took the plunge and bought the book and I am so glad I didn’t let the reviews of the movie influence my decision. Main character Rose really made the book for me. She is my kind of girl, sassy, spunky and an amazing friend, and the sexual tension between her and Dimitri comes rolling off the pages. I can’t wait for my next airport trip to really dig into the series!

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