Al Fresco Dining . . . .Where Nature, Romance and Great Food Get Together!

Al Fresco

Greetings Fellow Swoon Reads Enthusiasts . . .

Just take a look at this scene! It could be anywhere in the world . . . at any time of the daytime hours . . .but ONLY in the summer when lovers take to the outdoors for a meal alive with great food, great company and of course . . . romance.

How inspiring is this scene? There you sit with your special guy or girl amidst a beautiful backdrop of lush flower gardens on a patio setting inspired by some of the great houses of the world. The small round table is absolutely made for gazing into each others eyes as you sit opposite each other, perhaps sipping on a little bubbly that you ordered up for the occasion. A gentle breeze has set the gorgeous tablecloth to flutter a bit, as a freshness and a newness of place envelopes the both of you. Listen to all of the natural sounds of this dining setting. It’s magical.

And what you have ordered for your meal can be every bit as romantic and as sensual as the setting itself. Let’s start with some appetizers . . . Cognac Infused Oyster Bisque for you. . .and the Rosemary and Tarragon Crab Cakes for your significant other. Can you feel the sensuality starting to build already? The main course: Sole Meuniere,  Home Made Ricotta Gnocchi on the side and Cabernet Braised Sl

Dessert anyone? Shall we be naughty and end this meal with some crowning glory of a dessert . . .or should the naughtiness be best served elsewhere? No . . .dessert is too important and sends the message to the brain that the meal is over. So, you’ll want the Profiterolles covered in a dark chocolate sauce and topped with lightly whipped cream . . .and they’ll have the Crème Brulee (basically because they love to hear and feel that first crack of the crusted over caramel sauce that had just been subjected to the kitchen blow torch!) Espresso anyone? Iced Sirloin Au Poivre! How delightful and flavorful are these dishes? As delightful and as complementary as the two of you are to each other! Do you see the connection? Just like these dishes, your love for each other is spicy and savory and you are both meant to be together. It’s so simple. Add into this experience the romantic place that you’ve chosen for this meal and you have the opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime.

One last sip of the champagne or wine . . .ask the waiter for the check . . .pull out the credit card . . .and after signing the bill, make your way back to the car for the ride home. What a fantastic meal . . .what a splendid setting . . .what a beautiful experience this was. Now you’re thinking to yourself . . .” I could do this again and again, but only if they are the one that I get to stare at across the table. And you know what?? I bet they’re thinking exactly the same thing!

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