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Liz S - All Write (Laundry)

If you write, then you are familiar with the Procrastination Station. It’s comfy (it might even have sheets and a pillow). It’s got WiFi, so you can catch up on all the cute baby and animal (and baby animal) posts on YouTube. It might have coffee, or barbecue potato chips (please, invite me over!), or the ingredients for the meal you have to prepare for your family. There are dishes to be washed there, and there is probably laundry to be done. There are bills to be paid, magazines to read, and closets to be cleaned. There may even be exercise equipment. The Procrastination Station has it all.

Here’s the thing: procrastination can be powerfully productive. It can be a time for brewing and simmering and mulling.  The seed of your idea, or the plot twist that’s blocking your progress, or your protagonist’s reaction to a key moment in the book might require you to walk away from your manuscript and do something else for a while. Hopefully, that epiphany you’ve been waiting for will work itself out. That’s the good news.

The downside of procrastination is that you don’t get anything done. You don’t write. You don’t even start. Believe me, I know the feeling! And so much of it has to do with fear; all the what-if’s. What if my book doesn’t sell? What if I can’t do this? What if my friends and family think I’m a total failure for not selling/writing/completing my book?

If you’ve been to any writer’s conferences, you know what’s coming next: any published writer will tell you that you Have To Write. Just Do It. Give yourself the time to sit down each and every day and write. You don’t have to set a word count. You don’t have to love what you write on any given day (you’ll be revising eventually). You just have to write.

Liz S - All Write (Writing)I want to do an unassisted pull-up. I’ve been working on this for a long time. I know the only way I’ll ever be able to do it is by practicing and working on it several days a week. I may never do it, but I won’t know unless I try. I don’t put off my gym time, I MAKE my gym time.

Writing your book is your unassisted pull-up. You can do it. Start now.

-Liz S

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