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AMA: Open Call for Publishing Questions

Hey there, Swooniverse!

There’s been some really interesting conversation in the YA community recently about how the publishing industry as a whole isn’t terribly transparent, and how/where writers can find reliable information about how things work.

A top goal for us at Swoon Reads is to not only remove barriers between readers and writers, but also between writers and the publishing industry itself. So, here we are!

If you have ANY questions about how ANY part of book publishing works, please put it in the comments below. There is no such thing as a “dumb question.” Chances are someone else has the same question but is just too nervous to ask!

Once you’ve all submitted your questions, on October 1st we will answer them to the very best of our ability right here on the Swoon blog. (Depending on the volume of questions, we’ll either put up one mega-post or split it up into a few over the course of a couple weeks.)

Please try to have your questions in by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, Sept. 29. We’ll be writing out our responses on Monday, and we don’t want to miss you!

Talk soon!

♥ Swoon Reads Staff

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