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And the title for Maggie Ann Martin's new book is...

When I saw the first crowdsourcing of a title go on with Jennifer Honeybourn’s new book, When Life Gives You Demons, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Titles are very difficult for me, and having a whole slew of talented writers and readers pitch their ideas for my new book seemed like a no-brainer. 

I had complete confidence that this community could help me come up with something spectacular that matched the tone of the book.

So, here are a few gifs to help you guess at what it might be…    

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Powered by Giphy

So I’m excited to announce, that in a very meta turn of events, my new title is…

The Struggle Is Real

Thank you to Masina Sebastian for coming up with the perfect title for this book. It’s one of those phrases that I definitely say all the time, and I know Savannah and all of the characters in the book relate to.

Come back at noon TODAY for cover voting!

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