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And the title for Prerna Pickett's first book is...

What’s in a name? Turns out when you’re the title of a book, A LOT. When I first wrote my debut it had a completely different title than the one I used when I put it up on Swoon’s website. (It was titled Fading, for those who care). I queried agents and entered contests with that title, but I wasn’t particularly attached to it, and maybe even a little bit dissatisfied.

So, when I decided to finally bite the bullet (so to speak) and upload my book onto the website for the chance of a lifetime, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to finally find a title that I kinda sorta liked. That was when Chase the Night was born. It seemed to fit. I thought it got across the darker themes of the story while also capturing the racing aspect of Tessa’s life.

After Swoon offered for CtN, I knew there was a good chance that the title could change. A few months passed and sure enough I got the e-mail from my editor, Kat. I have to be honest, I had kind of goten attached to CtN, but I understood why some of the objections to it had come up. Swoon asked me for some alternate titles and I sent them a list. They then sent me a title they thought might work, but I wasn’t feeling it. We were getting closer, but not quite there.

When Kat e-mailed me to let me know that they were going to try and crowdsource the title, I got really excited. One of my favorite things about Swoon is the engagement with readers! It’s what makes Swoon so unique. After the post went up, I was a little bit nervous. What were people going to come up with? Would I love or hate the suggestions? What if no one commented????

Turns out I had nothing to worry about because so many of you showed up with some excellent titles!

After the comments were closed, Kat and the Swoon team listed all of the titles along with tallies for the most votes (a super complex system, I know I know). From there a new title was chosen. A title that a fellow Swoon author brainstormed (Shout out to Maggie Ann Martin!).

I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting to find out what we chose (unless of course you’ve already seen me yell about it on Twitter and Instagram). So without further ado the title to my debut is now...

If You Only Knew

This whole experience was a ton of fun, and I’m excited that together with the team at Swoon and the community I was able to find a new title for my baby! I loved reading all of your suggestions and I want to thank everyone that took the time to comment and participate in the hunt. Can’t wait for you all to read it when it releases!

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