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And the winning cover for AIRPORTS, EXES, AND OTHER THINGS I'M OVER is...

I love cover voting—although the whole week, I found myself obsessed with hitting refresh on my internet browser to see which design was in the lead. 

It seemed everyone I spoke with had a different opinion on which cover should win, and I totally get it, because they are all amazing! And frankly, I wanted all of them.

It’s like going to a restaurant with an incredible dessert menu. How do you choose between the gooey, hot fudge sundae, the strawberry shortcake with extra whipped cream, the decadent milkshake, and the other incredible sounding items being offered? Different weeks, different days, different hours I’d find myself wanting different things. The same thing happened with the covers. One minute I’d be positive I wanted a certain design, the next I’d pick something completely different.


Fortunately, the decision wasn’t up to me! I had all of you to help in the decision, and I’m excited with the result!

Without further ado… the winning cover for Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over is:


Thank you to all who voted, and I hope you’ll all check out the book when it comes out!

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