And the winning cover for AMID STARS AND DARKNESS is...

Ever since my book got picked for publication, I’ve been walking around in a sort of daze. My friends got pretty sick of watching me stare off into space, wondering if this was really happening or if I’d imagined the call from Holly and the rest of the amazing Swoon Reads team. To appease them, I swore that I was positive it would become official in my mind as soon as the traditional cover voting commenced, and I could actually see cover options with my book title and name on them.

I am ecstatic to announce that was not a lie! I probably looked like a crazy person the morning cover voting began and I was able to finally see the four amazing choices the super talented Liz D. and KB came up with. I kept jumping back and forth between favorites—by the third day I’d come to the conclusion that any of them would make me happy—though I was partial always to one in particular…

Announcing the cover of Amid Stars and Darkness

Liz D.’s Flying Cover!!!!


From the very beginning I was obsessed with this one! I loved everything about it, the colors, the creativity, the way the word “and” kept overlapping. I could see bits of all three of my main characters in there and it seemed to capture the free-falling sensation Delaney experiences pretty much the entire book.

I admit I checked my phone pretty much on the hour everyday leading up to the end of voting, watching as the votes closed in on this one and Liz D.’s Crown Cover. People seemed to be torn between loving the esthetics of the Flying Cover and the way the Crown Cover portrayed the royalty theme of the book. I don’t blame you guys! I kept telling everyone I knew who asked that I’d be happy with either one!

But, fortunately for me, I didn’t have to choose, because you all did that for me, and I am beyond grateful! I can’t wait to see what the final cover design looks like, and for you all to experience the rest of this amazing—and sometimes still unbelievable—journey with me.  

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