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And the winning cover for THE BALLAD OF AMI MILES is...

And the winner is… the Braid Cover!


I have a little confession to make: I wanted the World on Fire Cover to win. I loved the layout of the cutaway and the contrasting imagery of the idyllic wooden cabin against the burning wood.


I also want this book to have a cover that speaks to readers, and the Braid Cover clearly called to you! The Ballad of Ami Miles is all about Ami and her voice, so it’s only fitting that the cover should focus on her. Ami’s long, unruly hair is a constant source of irritation to her, and her braid serves as a symbol of both the control her family exerts over her and her struggle to assert herself and claim her bodily autonomy. Other details like the frame and font hint at the dystopic setting that forms the backdrop for Ami’s journey of self-discovery. I love that this cover encapsulates so many important elements of the story in such a deceptively simple design.

Thanks to everyone who voted to let us know which cover spoke to you. I can’t wait to see the final version of this cover and watch it carry Ami’s story into the world!

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