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And the winning cover for THE DARK IN-BETWEEN is...

Well, it’s official. After all the voting, The Dark In-Between has found its cover:

TDIB_Hand and Feathers

And I couldn’t be happier! Many thanks to the Swoon team and Tim Green at Faceout Studios for doing such an amazing job capturing Casey’s journey.

When asked about cover directions way back when I first found out I’d be working with Swoon Reads on my book, the only thing I really had in mind was feathers because... well, angels, right? So, I was absolutely thrilled by the four amazing cover directions. (And secretly glad I didn’t have to make this decision on my own!)

All the choices were definitely swoonworthy, but there’s something about the pale hand against the dark, misty background that gives off an eerie, paranormal vibe which suits the book perfectly. I love that the cover captures both Casey and Red, juxtaposing that theme of life and death. Plus it just looks so cool! Ah, I’m going to gush about this for weeks.

Anyway, Swooners, thanks so much for casting your votes and coming on this journey with me. And keep an eye on those bookshelves as this cover makes its way to a shelf near you next spring!

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