And the winning cover for DUELS & DECEPTION is...

Swoon Readers!

It is my great pleasure (I love this part) to announce the winning Duels & Deception cover. Thank you, Anna B., for making it so extremely difficult to choose between the four totally different cover designs. I loved them all and was thankful that the choice was not sitting on my shoulders.

And thank you, Swoon Reads community, for all your votes and comments. It was wonderful to see how each cover appealed to a large number of readers and for a few days all four designs were in contention. I will admit to keeping up-to-date throughout the vote; checking on a regular schedule of… every five minutes. It’s a fun, and exciting (nerve-racking) process!

However, there can only be one winner aaaand… here’s a hint. (Yes, I know you can see the entire post but work with me.)

d&d cover announce 1

And another. (You know where I’m going with this, of course.)

d&d cover announce 2

Without further ado, I present to you the winning design: the amazingly creative marriage of silhouettes, graphics and color: THE TURQUOISE COVER!!!!! 

D&D Turquoise cover

Now that the process is over, I will admit that over the course of the week, I started to root for this cover. I was overjoyed—to the point of being inarticulate (a condition from which I seldom suffer)—when I received the word. 

Soon, you will have the opportunity to meet Lydia and Robert and a host of quirky Regency characters, waiting for you beneath the lovely Turquoise cover. So in light of the fact that Duels & Deception takes place in and around Bath, I offer you one more photo. 

d&d cover announce 3   

The Circus in Bath… with a little added color.

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