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And the winning cover for FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT is...

Hello Swooners from Orange Beach, Alabama!

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Right now I’m on my family’s annual beach vacation, but I just had to take a quick break because I have a cover for Fake It Till You Break It!

When Swoon first came to me about the concept for Fake It Till You Break It, one thing they really wanted to get right was Mia’s character. They asked me several questions about her looks, style, and personality. And I was amazed that not only did they find a model that fit her looks PERFECTLY, but they also styled her exactly how I described her to be. Seriously, it was like Mia just stepped out of the pages herself to do the shoot.

I think that was mainly the reason why I honestly didn’t have a preference for any of the three covers. To me, they were all different aspects of Mia’s personality and I love them all! From the yellow dress in the blue cover to the happiness in the laughing cover. And don’t even get me started on the movement cover! I couldn’t be happier that the decision was in your hands and not mine.

But unfortunately, there could only be one. And this one pulled ahead by quite a bit! From the playful smile to the font, you all chose the Movement Cover!


Thank you so much to the Swoon family and especially Carol L. for the amazing options. And especially everyone who voted. I’m still in awe over how many of you cared to vote and I could not be more thrilled about the new cover!

Now I can’t wait for everyone to see it in person and meet Mia and Jake next summer!

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