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And the winning cover for FINDING YOU is...

Hi Swoon world!

I'm so excited to share the winning cover direction with you for my novel Finding You! For those of you following the numbers (like me... maybe as my browser homepage this past week... and on my phone...) you may already have a hunch as to the winner.

Even though I knew when voting would open, when the page first went live and I could see the numbers updating, and my friends commenting on Facebook, I was a giddy mess all day. (I went in to work and accomplished about an hour's worth of work in the four I was there.)  It was suddenly so real and I cannot thank Rich D. and Danielle M. enough for that gift, showing me my story as a real book.

So.  Without further ado, the winning cover for Finding You is...

RD FY Locket

I truly loved them all, and would probably pick up any of the four in a library and bookstore to check out. My siblings and I went back and forth on which seemed most marketable to which audiences and which we liked the feeling of the best. But I have to say, this was my very favorite. Isla's locket is such an important piece of the story, and I love that it gets to be featured (and in such a dramatic way!) on the cover. I cannot wait to see the official, final rendition on my book(!!!).

Thank you all SO much for voting and being a part of this; it's surreal to say to the least, to know that you're all invested alongside me. I couldn't be more grateful or excited for the next steps to come.

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