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And the winning cover for IF YOU ONLY KNEW is...

I’m so excited to be on the blog today! Why? Because I get to announce the winning cover for my debut If You Only Knew!

Ever since I found out Swoon was publishing my book I have been anxiously waiting for the moment when cover voting would take place. When it happened, I found myself obsessively checking the website to see which one was in the lead. In beginning I thought the votes were leaning towards one cover, then they swung in a different direction, and then I realized I should probably step away from the computer and try not to focus so much on the votes! Which was really difficult.

I loved reading all of the comments, and thanks to all of you wonderful voters, I grew to appreciate all four cover options for the different perspectives they brought to the table. However, there can only be one winner and the cover that won definitely captures something really special and unique about If You Only Knew. So, I’m guessing you’re wondering which cover won?!? I’m happy to say that the fire cover ended up coming out on top.


The reason I love this cover is because it highlights the heat between Corey and Tessa and sets the tone for some of the darker themes in the story. This was a really fun, interactive experience and I want to thank everyone that took the time to vote and comment. I love this story with all of my heart and I’m so glad we found a cover that works so well with it. Thanks to the team at Swoon and Liz D. for coming up with the concepts. I can’t wait to share this book with all of you!

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