And the winning cover for JUST FRIENDS is...

Over the past week of cover voting, I had many people ask me which cover was my favorite. No one seemed to believe me when I said all of them. “Come on,” they said, “There has to be one you’d prefer over the others.” But there wasn’t. I was in love with them all. My favorite was whichever I was looking at. That’s why I’m so glad that choosing wasn’t up to me.

I’ll admit, I was scared of cover voting at first, way back when Just Friends was first selected, but as soon as I saw Liz D.’s concepts, I calmed down. It didn’t matter which one won because I’d be happy with any of them. Of course, everyone around me had an opinion. My mother was a fan of the Bleachers Cover and the way the title was written in the sky. My sister liked the vibrant colors of Trampoline #2. My boyfriend liked the feel of Trampoline #1. My best friend was drawn to the Sparklers Cover, and another friend loved the way my name was written on the Multi-Scene Cover. Everyone found something to love about all of them and they all had a clear favorite. It looks like everyone who voted had a clear favorite too.

Announcing the cover of Just Friends:

Trampoline #1!

JF LD Green

I’m delighted that this concept won. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? The models, the greenery, the fonts—I love everything about it. I feel it really fits Jenny and Chance’s story, too. The trampoline scene was one of my favorite parts to write, so I’m thrilled to have it depicted on the cover.

Thanks to everyone who voted and made this difficult decision! And thank you to Liz D. for giving us five wonderful options to choose from! 

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