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And the winning cover for LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE is...

Hi, hello, good morning, good evening!

I think it’s safe to say everyone in the Swoon community waits in (rabid) anticipation for cover voting. While I had hoped and dreamed that someday one of my books would get their chance, I think part of me never really believed it would happen. Then, the covers appeared in my inbox.

Roses! Hands! Hair! Dancing! Liz D. went above and beyond with these fabulous options.

*cue the pterodactyl screeches before crying my eyes out*

I thought I had lost all of my chill the day I saw the covers. Then, somehow, I lost it again when voting was officially underway. But when my Swoon Sisters, Maggie Ann Martin and Vicky Skinner, sent messages and pictures of the poster boards from the in-person voting at NTTBF, it was a wrap. I had reached DEFCON 1 on the emotional scale. It was a solid week of me drowning in my feels.

None of my friends and family could agree on which cover was the best because all four were magical in some way. But there can only be one—sort of like Highlander minus the bloodshed and beheading. And the (Immortal) winner is...

ltal dancing cover

Alice is kindhearted, filled with an infectious irrepressible joy, and has been known to break into song and dance anytime the mood strikes her. This cover direction absolutely captures the essence of who she is.

I am the WORST when it comes to social media. I’m the kind of introvert that cannot hack it in online spaces but when my notifications exploded, I had to check. Thank you to everyone who liked, retweeted, boosted, shared and commented. Let’s Talk About Love is that much closer to becoming a real book thanks to you.

Until next time,

Claire ♥

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