And the winning cover for THE MIDNIGHT DANCE is...

One of my favorite things about Swoon Reads is the cover design voting. I love that we give you, the readers and fans, the chance to assist in the direction of the book cover. But I will also admit I was a little nervous to actually see those designs. My book is definitely about dance. The title is The Midnight Dance. But there is so much more than a pink ballerina or a music box. There are dark elements: mind control, a twisted Master, unnatural wolves, creepy woods. I really wanted the cover to properly reflect this. 

When I first saw the four cover directions, I was beyond excited. I couldn't even choose. There were so many elements that I loved. The creepy woods, the fallen dancer, the clock overlay, the colors. But the one that stood out for me was the very cover that you all chose! 


This one immediately struck me as mature and elegant, stunning and dark. I love that the dancer's arms emulate the hands of the clock. I love that her head is tipped and her hands are a little loose, almost as if she is being controlled (which she is). I love everything about it! Side note: this concept had been on my mind for a while as it was a comment that Swoon Reads director, Lauren Scobell, made in the margin of one of the manuscript drafts!

I'm thrilled with all the comments and ratings and that you all agreed this was the best of the four options. We all know that certain books seem to leap off the shelves or grab our attention online and I think (hope!) this will be one of them. A huge thank you to KB and Carol L. for their design and encapsulating what this book is about (and also to Rich D. for his amazing cover that seemed to be a constant close second!)

I cannot wait to see the final cover and to share even more of the novel with you all. Next October can't come soon enough.

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