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And the winning cover for MIND GAMES is...

Before I received the cover mock ups, I spent a lot of time day dreaming what they might look like. I knew I wanted something that hinted at the sci-fi elements and the romance, but also captured the prevailing themes that are relatable to anyone (even if you don’t have mind-uploading software in beta testing at your high school). I wanted a cover that also showed just how isolated Arden feels when she starts losing her memories and how difficult her journey is to try to retrieve them. Additionally, in the book, she feels completely separated from a past she doesn’t remember and a part of herself she’s lost. I hoped to find a cover that somehow captured all of that, but I knew that was a big ask. 

When the cover options for Mind Games first landed in my inbox, one particular one caught my eye right away. The concept was just SO COOL and I loved the execution in the mock up as well! Despite loving all the options, there was definitely one I was secretly rooting for. I felt that it captured everything I was hoping the cover would have in one beautiful design.

I’m thrilled to say that the cover I was hoping for won!

MindGames_Maze Cover.jpg

I absolutely love how the maze concept sets the tone for the book and shows the isolation Arden starts with and the tough journey ahead. 

I want to thank everyone who voted on the website and also live at ALA! 

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